Saturday, October 29, 2011

oh boy oh boy

I'm just about home and it's like the time of night when the stars start to fade and silver blue light starts pouring into the sky; it's still deep darkness but it's morning too, it's neither one nor the other, everything's half-formed and indistinct, there's nothing you can put your finger on, nothing's definite, everything's more idea than real, more dream than waking, it's that moment when something you've been waiting for finally materializes, but it's not yet happened, like a wicked rad magician at a bat mitzvah just about pulling a parakeet out of his hankerchief but he's still in the act of removing his hand and you can't see that bird yet but you know it's there, about to appear— I'm all anticipation and focus, I'm feeling that feeling an eleven year-old birthday boy's got right before all his friends show up at the birthday party at the fun zone, waiting to go crazy in that huge pit of big plastic balls, let it all go, it's like I'm at the end of the second forty-five minute half or the end of the titanic when old-woman rose tosses that huge diamond into the water or before hitting the surface of a lake I've jumped into fifty feet up, like that moment before someone tells you something you've been really wanting to hear, I'm about to be home. 

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