Tuesday, December 6, 2011

at 9:30 this morning

Today, I got to go inside this apartment building I usually only see the outside of. Inside, there was a big Christmas tree, and a tea room, and a waffle smell. There was an old woman with short hair the color of tree bark who smiled at me. The hallways snaked like intestines and some of the doors were decorated with things like cat collages and framed black and white photos and giraffe figurines and fake wreaths. There was a courtyard lined in brick, but I didn't have the courage to find the door that would get me inside it (I was on the clock after all), so I only looked through the window at it. It felt so good to see the insides of this apartment building. It's so much more interesting than the outside, which is plain-colored. I got a little lost getting back to the car. Carpeted floors and a game room on the fourth floor. There was a woman in the lobby who swam for Charles Sava, whom I don't know except for the pool named after him on 19th Ave, but I pretended I knew all about him when she told me about swimming for him. Then she talked about her swimming days, and her teaching days, and the blind children who would blindfold her and lead her out onto the street corner for kicks. Then I went into the bathroom and saw the woman with the bark hair, who was just leaving. She gave me an even bigger smile.

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