Saturday, December 24, 2011

a couple of days ago

I was driving on Fell, just crossed Gough, when I saw a little man in a helmet dash across the street and disappear into a little door. Truly. I thought he was a child; cast my head around for a frantic parent, standing at the curb, screaming, next to an abandoned bike, but there was no parent. When I turned back to look where he had gone off to, a small door of the side of a mauve-colored wall was closing. I drove on, pretty pumped. This job I have is pretty rad. Just yesterday, I met a man with seven feral cats ruining his house; I helped him load a television covered in dried cat piss into my car. He called the cat piss bug spray, told me if he'd known he'd live this long, he would have treated his body better.

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