Thursday, January 12, 2012

I started my day with a $255 parking ticket

There should be a cemetery attached to this building, considering the occupants, but nobody plans ahead these days, do they. No one plans and no one cares and the people who care don't matter, especially in the long run. You can't rely on people. People die, people change. Some get accepted to super prestigious universities in New York and then leave. Or you leave, to go hunt down some elusive zombi powder in Haiti on a whim. You can't rely on people or trust them or love them. People don't matter. Don't make friends.

I don't really believe this, guys. I'm just being a sour-pussy. I got this big ticket this morning and it made me feel bad. People change together and distance isn't nothing in the face of true love and death is just another transformation. That quote I heard in Oakland was resounding a bit too loud in my head and I decided to run with it, that's all. Just to be clear. I'm eating an amazing leftover super veggie burrito from El Cancun on Mission St. and I feel great. Namaste motherfucker!

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