Friday, January 6, 2012

My Eyes Burn

All day like onion cloves or crumpled 
tissue thrown into the bathroom trash.  Trying to sort 
this all through, iron out the information, the words we 
left off on. Unchartered territory, have I said I don't 
know what I'm doing? Fumbling with card's dealt, coins 
I've chosen to play, my play has dried up so ocean sand 
salty this morning, I'm compiled of serious sifting—my 
people— arrange it all feng shui? I want someone to give 
me answers, I want my mom to tell me what to do on her 
sleepwarmed bedspread, I want to wake up and feel right 
and correct, like alright, I'm set, here we go. I'm not doing 
this the best I can. This hurts, your hurt. My friends miss 
me, even my oolong tea is bitter, I've seeped it too long. 
I've never done this before. This day feels stuck like an 
unending mineshaft. Ima mindshift, change my behavior, 
shapeshift into a better joewolf. I want to be trusted with 
your secrets, I want to be trusted. I promise to be better. 

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