Tuesday, March 6, 2012

kicking shit around

I have put up some boats and tits on the walls of my half-cubicle, alongside the map of pathways and Bill from Kuder's business card and the professional development calendar and an excell spreadsheet of academy industry sectors. I'm waiting to shadow Courtney at Skyline, I've written a list of questions out for her to answer while we're in the car together, do you know that sometimes I worry when you're silent so long on your end of the phone, that our connection has been broken and I've only been talking to myself? I would like to get another durian fruit from Chinatown to keep in the freezer to soothe sweet cravings. I've found a Hogwarts mug in the staff lunch room no one lunches in and now it's mine and I can't get into the computer at my desk because I don't have an OUSD login yet. I'm wearing your navy blue sweater that's a touch long but fits me perfectly otherwise and I hope we will be together the next time the earth trembles in the early hours of the day. I am continuing to wait and I'm bored so I eat my sprouted soysauce almonds from Santa Cruz, in my planner it reads the new moon is on Thursday. Are the florescent lights making my eyes limp and why don't they raise the blinds to let in the natural light? I am staring at all this cabinet space I have and wondering how long it will take to fill up, I love the crunch of these neon panel wall clips biting into the wall, I am thinking of you and the games I've been wanting to play, the experiments I haven't had the courage to try yet.

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