Thursday, April 12, 2012

during training

I would love pete's coffee, or dark chocolate, or bread with crunchy salt on top, even a glass of water. These things would all keep me focused. The florescent lights are sucking up my mind, and lack of natural light, muffled by the shades, doesn't help either. I tell you, I'm trying really hard to remain focused.  If I frown, it will look like I'm listening. I need to go shopping in Chinatown. I'm going to try to repost that video on fb for you, but its just leaving an oh so coldly blank. It was just a video of my lips, moving. During my thirty minute lunch break, I'll finish those collard greens I got from the farmer's market, fry them in coconut oil, head up some leftover black beans, add sriracha and salt, hurry back to work. I need to finish that user guide and email some teachers. I am trying really hard to concentrate. Even a glass of water would help, but I don't have that. They say within the first three minutes of a lecture, the audience peaces out. I am peaced out, or rather, I am blipping in and out of focus, but I am frowning, so no one knows. I learn best from doing. Doing, and sometimes failing, but doing. I find it super hard to remain engaged when I'm not participating. I am trying to listen, I really am. 

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