Sunday, July 1, 2012

I am not a stripper

I do not undress in front of strangers under lights. I do not shake my booty for people who do not know my real name, or do not know that I love to make tea, or do not know I cry sometimes at trailers or letters that are so beautifully written.

I am not a never-nude. I do love to sun-bathe, and I love to rock-hop, and I do enjoy being the center of attention in certain instances when there are no dot dot dots or follow-throughs or crawlies. I'll take it a step further and call it witching-hour-deviance, stories lacking witnesses. No tattletales, no pictures taken. I'd like to be unknown and irresponsible, I want to get lost, there is a certain abyss that is crooning its breath into my sternum. Last night, the I'Ching told me I shouldn't submerge into shadowed waters, and I followed orders.

It's hard walking this beach without wanting to undress, the winds are quite warm and I feel lonely. 

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