Thursday, July 26, 2012

Look too hard and this summer will be left before you know it

These months here are zipping. Like, whoa! What the hell happened to June? And what's up with working 9-5 (give or take thirty minutes) when the weather's fine (not in the morning)? It's a damn shame. The best thing about leaving at 4:30 from work though is having the evening and the night stretch out in front of you like a mid-day nap. I showered last night, which made sleep easy and familiar. My hair had reached greasy-great, which woulda turned greasy-gross by the next a.m. I returned to an old wilderness dream-spot this morning (one I discovered four years ago, post-summer camp) and it was splendid, all dunes and hills and nobody. I was preparing to go snowboarding. Waking up was like getting sucked out of a vacuum.

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