Sunday, November 13, 2011

this is my 11 pm Saturday

It would feel so good to fall asleep right now. It'd happen like no problem. Hands folded across my lap, head of Danni's shoulder, curled up under that pool table, I could pass out in any number of ways. We could pile our jackets on the floor and that would be so luxurious, I would love that. This wall of exhaustion has just hit me, plus I'm dehydrated, god it's be so quenching to close me eyes right now, fade away to the clack of pool and drunk conversation. Goddamn, it'd hit the spot like a tall glass of water in the afternoon. But I won't because I refuse to be that passed-out chick in the bar, or the restaurant, or the party. Instead, I'll make do with Bart, my good friend's couches as they crowd around me having a good time, car seats, movie theaters, at the end of babysitting. I'll make do with my bed at the end of the night, but still, I wish for different social standards. I wish I was five again, I wish I could crawl under that table, fall asleep so happily.

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