Thursday, November 10, 2011

what i wear to work

They make me strut cement like a killer whale, I'm all business, invincible. Never mind my scuffed sneakers, chalky with paint dust, never mind the pimple on my forehead, the small hole in the knee of my dickies Mark from work will immediately see, I've got on a black sports jacket with shoulder pads, I can do anything. If you were to collapse down stairs, you wouldn't hit the stairs, I would catch you, if you were to stumble, confused, into the street, into a moving vehicle, I would halt that truck with one of my shoulder pad clad arms. This is the uniform of truthsayers, an evolved jacket of knights and kings, I crusade in this jacket, if I came upon a sword on the street, I would pick it up and wield it so beautifully because this is what a jacket like this produces in the wearer: deadly efficiency. I could inspect school curriculum, shut down  restaurants, deliver bad news with these shoulders. When you see me in this jacket, in these shoulder pads, I am Katharine, your driver escort: punctual, caring, professional, responsible. I will do my best like never before.

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