Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'd rather be on your scooter than a dream man's sail boat

I had this dream this morning about getting recruited for a Ph D program on an island. There were boats lining the southwest side. The man who ran the Lit program asked me what kind of literature I liked. I told him I was getting into creative non-fiction. Then he asked me if I had ever sailed. We started talking about what you do when your boat capsizes, how to paddle against wind. I knew, by the end of the conversation, that if I were to enroll in the program, he'd be giving me private sailing lessons. On his small sail boat. He stood closer to me the longer we talked, which was in a long, dark bungalow. In my dream, I wasn't interested in the program, I wasn't interested this professor. When me and this man were talking, all I was thinking about was the recorder I had in my breast pocket that was recording the conversation. I was going to play you the conversation, so we could laugh together about the proposition.

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