Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, at 7am

I know I made it past hump Wednesday and all, but I'm feeling like I'm on the uphill on a roller coaster, only less excitement and anticipation, more like I'm the cart  at  Great America thats clicking up to the summit with a bunch of tweens on my back, cycling through my routine, click clack click, knowing, with a metal premonition, that these tweens will vomit all over my red and white striped plastic seats. I feel thirsty. And tired. Today's Thursday, yes. I am wondering, do I work for a couple hours Saturday? When can I send those letters? I'm as thirsty as these pidgeons in the video, guys. I have to go to Skyline High School this morning to help monitor a senior classroom getting talked to about finance. God help me. 

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