Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am on the internet constantly. It should be called the Matrix or something else other than the internet. This is not the internet anymore. Resembles the internet, but these days, it's an entirely different beast. It is my other location. I am not in the living room or in the kitchen as I eat breakfast or Oakland Tech's library or the cubicle at the CCRO office. I am inside the Matrix.  I am on the internet all the time, and it thrills me. Every email I get, it's like a jolt of sunshine down my spine. This is sad. This is freaky. I am addicted. I relish sending emails. My whole body feels like gasoline when I am on the internet. I can go everywhere. I send emails whenever I can. My back hurts from hunching at this screen, but I feel so good right now. I am talking to all you, you all, while Shaina and Katie talk about Donna Summers. I am talking to thousands, and they are only talking to each other. What I say here will be saved forever.

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