Tuesday, August 7, 2012

free write 7:54 am Tuesday

Someone slept in our living room last night, and they just woke up. Heard zippers and floorboard moans and sneaker shuffles, but no voice or eyes or face. Now they just left. I've got some names casting nets in my head, but I won't put them down here. I'd rather leave them anonymous. Besides, I could be wrong with those names. Maybe it wasn't [            ] , maybe it was some fool from a lower bottoms rave or a friend of a friend who needed a spot to stretch out, or maybe it was molly the cat turned human for a morning (so she could get to that lock to get out the door). Maybe it was just another me, embodied and restless, who gets in a quick smoke before 8am, who doesn't yawn or fart or walk down the hall to piss upon waking, who got up to leave to make noise in this house, to remind me here, in this kitchen, I'm not really that alone.

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